Our Brand Promise

Our goal is to deliver the best long term projects with the most upside potential. Slowly, with the support of the community we will be the first low entry launch pad in 2023. We know that this will take time to build. Understand, while we move forward with this project we will be bringing on new team members with the best skill set to accomplish these goals.

A video Explaining Us What We do And How It Works

Issues that Air Central Station resolves.

We know that rewards tokens usually benefit the very early investors. Often these early investors are the only people who see a return on their investments. At Air Central Station when we partner with reward tokens we offer two solutions for our community to vote on..

Solution one- We can Vote to sell the rewards and opt into a new project. That new project can be anything that the community votes on.

Solution two- We will air drop the rewards to all our token holders. Nothing will be done without the community's permission. This will be the first fully run community project that has come around in some time.

Terminal A The Airdrop

Holders will receive airdrops in these categories to make it fair, and evaluated every 30 days. We will lower the floor for new investors while still being able to reward our bigger holders.


We understand not everyone has a bunch of money to take chances. We want to provide a low entry point for every investor.
Tiers will be as so based on purchase not time of current value:

  • Tier 1: .5 bnb will share 20% of airdrop.
  • Tier 2: 1.5 bnb will share 35% of airdrop.
  • Tier 3: 3 bnb will share 45% of airdrops

Terminal A

Airdrop wallet 7%- Our airdrop wallet will be controlled by the community. 7% percent of every transaction will be used to buy into new projects. During our AMA's, every community member will have the chance to ask all the questions they need to make an informed decision on the project in question.

Air drop tax


Token Supply.

Liquidity Tax.


Marketing Tax.


insurance tax.


Reflections Tax.


  • Terminal A Buy Button
  • Terminal B

    Terminal B, The Black hole. This terminal Will include a 15% tax. That tax will be used as a 8% buy and burn once a week. Shortening the supply after it's been paid for. As we said at the beginning of this, and as Lamarr always say. Everything will be powered by ACS. This means a 2% flow Back into the ecosystem For our crown token. The rest of the taxes will follow as so.

    Buy-back tax


    Token Supply.

    Liquidity Tax.


    Dev Tax.


    ACS Tax.


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  • Terminal T

    Thrive Bonds “Finances That Flurish” This is a simple bonding process. One set of bonds can be bought with BNB. As the mint continues, we will raise the price by a small amount of BNB. Meaning that we will start small and work our way up. As we grow we will be adding different Block Chains of bonds. Along with Silver Gold & Platinum bonds. "Small, medium and large bonds for different investment types." There will be a max TX adjustable as we go. This means that we will start at a 5 max TX and work our way up as we continue to bond. Raising the TX by one or two means people will be able to obtain BNB that they won't have to put back in. Payment Will Be made at 50% directly to holders, and 50% back to the yield boxes to continue buying bonds for our holders, Produce marketing and help the ecosystem.

    Bond Dividend

    50% back to the holders.

    TX Limit.

    Current TX limit:5

    Marketing Tax.


    Yield Boxes

    35% for buy back

    Dev Fee


    Bond Price.

    Adjusting up with TX.


    5% to the team.

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    Our Roadmap


    Richard Miller
    CEO & Founder
    Okechukwu Williams
    Trending specialist
    Daniel Gold
    Web developer
    Lamarr James
    Co Owner and Merchandiser
    Manager and youtube operator

    Current Partnerships

    Only Trusted Names In The Crypto Space

    Contact Us

    Any questions? If you have a project looking to partner with us please send an email with the following information:
    Contract address, Website, Telegram, Email, Social medias, And most important what problem are you solving and what makes you different.